How to deal with a bully

We all know that bullies are a big thing, well for our children, unfortunately. This problem will affect a lot of children. And this is a serious problem for them. So the main question is what to do if someone is harassing you? Well, there are two things you could do. You could try to avoid a bully. And we have a situation where you will encounter a bully face-to-face. We will talk about the first situation where you will avoid the bully. First of all, it is important to make sure you don’t end up in front of him. You will try to avoid him/her. If there is a different route to go out or to go in the yard then, by all means, go that different road.

Be brave and don’t fall back

It is very hard when you are afraid of him/her that it is very important to conquer your fears. Try to act like you are brave. Stand straight and act like you are the toughest kid in the world. Some bullies will stop when they see that. You need to feel nice, and you need to be well prepared for school. When you are confident, you will also look brave. In most cases that will be enough.

Bullies won’t attack you if they see that you have a friend that will stand on your side and that he/she will defend you. It is best to ask your friend or to simply walk with him/her to the courtyard and is just there will sometimes stop the bully from picking you. If you friend is also having bully problems, you should also help him in the same way. Bullies are usually cowards, and they won’t attack two or more kids. That is their weakness. They will always attack the kid who is most suitable for them. For example, if they think you are weak and to afraid. If you see that someone is being bullied, you should always help him. It is your responsibility to help him/her. Maybe one day that person will help you.

Situations when the bully is doing something

friendThe easiest way is to ignore him/her. If the bully is threatening you, the best way is to ignore him/her and ignore those threats. It is best to go to a safe place. Bullies usually expect to get a reaction from you. That is why they tease you in the first place. So don’t give them the satisfaction of your reaction.

Stand up and don’t let him get to you

Sometimes you will have to stand up. You have to show that you are brave and that you will not tolerate the bully. Shout loudly at him to stop. It would be better that your friends do the same and then walk away from him with your friends. Then the bully will be left all alone. Telling an adult about your situation will resolve your problems. Adults are smarter and know how to handle these situations. Your school counselor will give the bully a proper penalty.