Bullying is a big problem for our children

We all know that life comes with difficulties and that we all must face it. But when is the right time to face our first problems. Most of the scientists think it is happening too soon. One of those problems is bullying. Bullies are known to make your childhood a little hell, so it is important to find the source of the problem and to know how to deal with it.

There are a lot of emotions when it comes to bullying. Usually, those emotions are pretty bad. When you child is bullied, it will leave a traumatic experience. The bully could hurt your child or make it feel scared or even embarrassed. It makes your child feeling sad and lonely, and that is when the problem is starting. Your child could think that there is no way out of this problem and that is when it starts to withdraw into himself/herself. Bully can call your child names or it he/she can say awful things about your child, or he/she could grab your child and hit it, or make fun of it.

Bully could even threat your child for example that he/she will beat him or do something terrible if your child tells someone about being bullied. That is a serious problem, and it needs to be solved as soon as possible. Bullying is very important, and it needs to react as soon as we find out about it. Bullies will affect your child in ways that you can’t imagine. Most of the children say that they have experienced bullying and bullies. That is not a great thing to hear. Because it is stressful for them, they can often be sick of that stress. Yes, it’s true. It is determined that because of bullying, their immunity could be weakened and that is a start for a lot of diseases.

What is wrong with those children and why do they bully others?

stop bullyingIt is a reasonable question, and there are a few explanations for it. Children that want attention are usually bullies. They don’t get much of attention at home, so this is the only way known to them to get that attention. Of course, this is the wrong way, and they think that they will be popular if they bully someone. This is so traumatic for your child that sometimes your child doesn’t want to do normal things that it usually did like playing outside with other children, or they don’t want to go to school. It can be very difficult to study and focus on learning when your child is afraid of being harassed by another child in that same school.