The Benefits of Giving Your Children Pet Fish

Children often want everything that they see, this is a common fact. When they see a new toy, or food, or someone else’s pet, they will want one of their own. If you decide to give in to their request for a pet, the next decision will be what kind to get them. If you know that your child is a bully to others, you might be tempted not to get them a pet. This is not always the case. Small pets, such as fish, could be a good starting point to making your child calmer and nicer.

Keep them Occupied

Children who bully others often do not have another outlet to channel their energy. They are so wound up because they do not have enough to do to keep them busy. By getting them a fish, they will need to spend time feeding it, cleaning the tank and observing. This will use up some of their excess energy, and they will not have enough left to bully other children. If you want to teach them about the equipment that is required for fish, take them with you to the pet store. They will be able to see the canister filter media that they will be using.

Teach Them to Be Gentle

Children who are bullies tend to be rough towards others. They like to push and shove, and do not feel bad when other people get hurt. This is a problem, because they are on the path of becoming destructive adults when they grow up. By giving them fish, you are teaching them that there are creatures who are more delicate then we are. These creatures need a soft touch in order to thrive. Hopefully the child will start to bring this way of thinking into other parts of their lives.

Calm them Down

If a child is a bully, it can be due to them having too much anger built up inside. There may be a reason for this anger that can be dealt with, or perhaps it is due to a new change in their lives. Having a fish can reduce some of this anger. Watching a fish swim back and forth is very relaxing, and can calm people down. If a child were to stop what they are doing and simply observe their fish, their anger levels should decrease.


If your child is bullying others, it is crucial that you address this right away. Child bullies can grow up to be dangerous to other people. Try starting out by giving your child an outlet that they can focus their attention on. A fish might teach them to be gentle and to be calm. This might not be the entire solution, but it can’t hurt to try! Try spending time with your child and their fish, and show them that you care about anything that is bothering them. With your added attention, they might just stop bullying!