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Founder, Mission, and vision

About The Founder

My name is Jared T. Hall, the founder of B Free. I started this blog out of the experience. I have been a victim of kids' bullying and vowed never to allow someone to go through what I went through. I came from a poor background and went to a high–end school, thanks to my sponsor. My fellow students thought I was weak and can do anything to me and get away with it. My plea for a transfer from my parents fell on deaf ears, and I could not report to authorities since I received severe threats. I learned the hard way to go through the emotional turmoil and vowed to educate parents on reducing bullying in schools.


To educate parents, caregivers, teachers, and educators on kids bullying. We want to provide enough education on our target audience to identify kids going through bullying and perpetrators for a harmonious relationship among kids.


We want to see a society free from bullying. We want to empower the public to have disciplined children who embrace each other despite their flaws for a peaceful and harmonious society.