7 Proven Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying at School

Bullying occurs due to an imbalance in power between a bully and the one being bullied. The vice has so many adverse effects on the bullied, which are both long term and short term. According to the 2018 School Crime Supplement, close to 20% of students deal with bullying problems. Similarly, the 2017 Youth Risk […]

9 Tips for Taking Care of Your Child

Nurturing children is one of the challenging and rewarding responsibilities on earth— and you have to be prepared and learn. Successful parenting is not about achieving perfection. It is more of working towards a goal while setting a standard for ourselves and our children.  A good parent is someone who endeavors to make choices that […]

Actionable Tips to Protect Your Child from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is on the rise. In fact, the FBI is investigating incidences of harassment activity on social media and other internet circles. The vice has extended to zoom class meetings where kids harass each other or hackers expose the details of kids. As a parent, you have to do everything to keep your child safe […]

Is the Air Quality in Your Child’s School Affecting Them?

Children get bullied for all sorts of reasons. Some kids have a mean spirit that can be difficult to reason with. They will find any excuse to make fun of others who seem more vulnerable than themselves. As parents, we can help our children any way that we can. This includes reducing the ways in which […]

The Benefits of Giving Your Children Pet Fish

Children often want everything that they see, this is a common fact. When they see a new toy, or food, or someone else’s pet, they will want one of their own. If you decide to give in to their request for a pet, the next decision will be what kind to get them. If you […]

How to deal with a bully


We all know that bullies are a big thing, well for our children, unfortunately. This problem will affect a lot of children. And this is a serious problem for them. So the main question is what to do if someone is harassing you? Well, there are two things you could do. You could try to […]

Bullying is a big problem for our children


We all know that life comes with difficulties and that we all must face it. But when is the right time to face our first problems. Most of the scientists think it is happening too soon. One of those problems is bullying. Bullies are known to make your childhood a little hell, so it is […]