We all had problems with bullying as kids. This tradition, unfortunately, will continue if we don’t do something about it. Bullying is a problem that starts the first day our children walk into school or kindergarten. Think about it for a second.


How It Works

3 ways bullying affects your child


Physical injury

First of all, we have a physical injury. For example, imagine that your child comes home from school or your partner comes home and picks up your child from kindergarten. All of a sudden you see some bruises. That is a situation when you know that something isn’t right and that you need to act quickly.

Social problems

Second, of all, we have social problems that may develop. It is known that children who were bullied, have more chance to develop social problems and insecurity. Some studies prove this fact. And how would you feel if you knew that your child will have some social problems and that you could have stopped those bullies?

Emotional problems

Last thing but not the least is emotional problems. Physical and social problems can be fixed, but emotional scars are very hard to cure. Imagine what would be for your child to develop some emotional problems that could affect their love life when they grow up or even to lose trust in the family or something else. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

How to deal with it

The first step is to identify the problem. When you are sure that your child has a bully problem, you will need to alarm the teacher about it. The faster you react, the less damage it will be done. Usually, the social service or school psychologists will do the job.

Meet our Team

Our team consists of highly trained and skilled professionals that are in these sorts of children problems. We will give you the best possible advice there is, so that you could help your child as fast as you can. We are here for you and your child. We will tell you how to protect your child from those who are bullying it.


Nathaniel Urlick

One of our team members. He is experienced in this subject and has been working in this area for a long time. He had great skill and is one of our writers who will help you to deal with bullying problems.


Mia Johnson

One of our teammates, and she is an expert on this subject. She is also in the mater for quite a while now and definitely will resolve your issues from a different point of view. Be assured that she is the one if you want to solve your problem in a more sensitive way.


John Brigs

Our most experienced colleague. He was a social worker, and as a social worker he knows to read between the lines and he can sense trouble. He has been working in this area of the subject for years and is known for his expertise.

About Our Blog

Our blog is dedicated to solving your problems and solving your children’s problems. It is an imperative to create a more secured society, and the first step to that is to teach our children not to be bullied and how to prevent bullying.


  • What can I say? You people are great. I noticed a while ago that my son was strange when he was coming home after school. When I asked what happened, he didn’t want to tell me. Your advice helped me a lot, and I have discovered the problem. He vas bullied by some kid.


  • I didn’t know how to get to my daughter. Apparently, something was wrong, but I and my wife just didn’t know what it was all about. After you gave us the advice, we finally understood what was going on. She was bullied by an older kid. He was bullying other girls also!


  • My kid came one day at school acting all weird. When I asked him what was going on, he just walked away. And when evening came we went for a bath, and I saw he had some bruises. When I asked him what happened, he didn’t tell me. Your advice gave me the tactic to find out what happened. He was bullied, and he was afraid to tell us.


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